Free, responsive WordPress themes for writers

WP templates for writers

There is no dearth of templates on internet. There is no dearth of free, responsive, WordPress templates on the net. And this is not an advantage for someone who is looking for all these qualities in a template and has some sort of taste on the top of it all. A simple search on Google throws up a huge list of websites that have all kinds of listings. Some of them are good, some not bad but confusing or distracting while others are waste of time.

So while trying to not waste too much time myself, I shall list those WordPress templates for writers that are most relevant.


I liked this one the best because it first of all qualified on both the basic counts – free and responsive. It has single colomn design, the typography is bold, and the “More” link was designed to double up nicely as post segregator.


It is free and it is responsive. In fact, its parent site lists its screenshot on a sole mobile screen. It looks like a simple, to the point and nicely color combined theme. The only problem I find with this theme is that it does not have a demo page, although you could probably preview it before activating it in your WordPress dashboard.

So Simple

Again, this is a free and responsive theme. It seems so simple that you wonder if it would serve your needs if they grow, in future. Single colomn that highlights nothing but the text that you want to write.

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