How to use Google Adwords to find SEO relevant keywords

Taking help of Google Adwords

It’s not about what value your writing provides its readers, it’s about how your readers find your writing.

This article would attempt to provide a small tip about an excellent webmaster tool that helps your writing get a better shot at viewership. Although it might not be a great idea to base your article entirely around keywords which may not make sense to the article, there is nonetheless no harm in gathering knowledge about what kind of tags are relevant and generally searched for by the users on the internet. Google Adwords is an excellent webmaster tool when it comes to researching keywords and finding frequently search phrases.

This article would attempt to introduce how a blog post or an article could benefit from using Google Adwords.

Let’s get started!

Go to Google Search, type adwords and click on the first result – Google Adwords

Google Adwords pic 1

Sign in on the Google Adwords website with your Google Account id.

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If case of a a first time user, Google Adwords may take the user through the usual process of creating an account and assigning a Customer ID. If the user does not have any campaigns listed already, it will take the user directly to creating a Campaign option.

Google Adwords pic 3

Click on the option Tools in the Menu option on the top and select option – Keyword Planner

Google Adwords pic 4

On the Keyword Planner page, click on the option – Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

Google Adwords pic 5

This will open up a form where the keywords related to the theme of the post need to be entered. Let us assume the article would be about finding and/or reviewing top 3 reminder mobile apps for Android platform. Put a few basic keywords related to the article in the first box that opens in the form. For the sake of this basic tutorial, the landing page option could be skipped. Select the product category should be Mobile Apps & Add-Ons in this case.

Google Adwords pic 6

In case the article is written for specific audience such as the location or the language of the website on which the article shall appear, then options under Targeting would come in handy.

Click on the pencil icon in the All locations box below Targeting header and type a few name of your target region. Click on the pencil icon in the All languages box and type the language of your post

Clicking on Get Ideas button would load the keywords dashboard for you. Clicking on Search volume trends would provide breakups on different criterion.

Google Adwords pic 7

Selecting Breakdown by Location, say, would throw numbers from the top regions of the Location selected earlier, generating the most traffic for the selected keywords.

Google Adwords pic 8

The first tab below the box displaying the chart lists the basic keywords along with the related information such as Average Monthly searches generated for it. Clicking on Keyword ideas tab would provide a snapshot of basic search related information on the base keywords provided earlier.

Additionally, the search provides keywords or phrases that were search for by the users on Google under the Keywords (by relevance) column. A few of them that make sense for the post could be picked from this list. The more Avg. monthly searches they command, the better.

Google Adwords pic 9

As the results sorted on the basis of Avg. monthly searches clearly list out, it would be helpful to include phrases such as app store and Google app store, android apps among others in the post.

Google Adwords pic 10

It could thus be beneficial for the article to take help of Google Adwords to include the relevant keywords.

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