Help your business market its services better by leveraging power of smartphones

Help your business win with smartphones

In majority of locations, it is reported by Mobiforge, every person on average has at least one mobile phone device.

This datasheet from Asymco illustrates more than two thirds on average are equipped with a smartphone.

Looking at the numbers above, how can a small business engage with customers without burning a lot of cash?

1. Be smartphone ready

Naturally the first step is making the website responsive.

2. Hustle your advertisement audience to your mobile presence

Putting a bar code on the print/paper based marketing material that launches the mobile site or takes the user to location of the app on respective app store.

3. Junk SMS and like, and look at Whatsapp and in-app notifications

Regulations are currently pretty mature at reining marketing practices that are based on 3rd party opt-in. These make SMS, USSD or similar channels out of the scope of hassle-free marketing. This leaves those working on data channels with some room – mobile apps.

4. Create a loyalty program

People like freebies and they are excited if they feel in-control of the kind of freebies they can themselves generate. There are a number of mobile apps that can be used to manage the loyalty programs in-house. On the top of it, these programs help in getting opt-in’s.

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