How to get your Twitter account verified

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There are a number of reasons why you would want that coveted blue check mark next against your name on Twitter. There might be impersonations of your account and you want people looking for you to know which account is the real one. You might have a new business or you could be someone wanting to make it big in music, movies etc.

The reasons can be plenty. But the road to blue is not an easy one.

There isn’t a fixed procedure to get your account verified. Twitter doesn’t accept verification requests from general public. But the Twitter team does keep scouring through the accounts regularly to look for ones which might need verification.

Here are a few ways to get the attention of the Twitter team and to get your Twitter account verified in case they are not looking for you

Option 1:-

As per Twitter FAQ, they “concentrate on highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business and other key interest areas.” So if you want a verified account, it will help your chances a lot if you’re one of the above. Twitter also mentions that your follower count does not matter for your verification.

One way to let Twitter know that you are who you say you are is to link to your Twitter account from your official website. And also provide a link to your website/blog in your Twitter bio. Remember, the former is more important than the latter because anyone can easily provide a link to an official website in their bios. But only the website owner can link to a Twitter account.


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Option 2:-

Hire a Twitter agent.

Most celebrities and public figures hire agents to do this job for them. An agent will legitimize your public status even further and an agent with contacts in Twitter will be especially useful.


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Option 3:-

The company you’re employed with can also play a major role in your verification process. For instance, BuzzFeed has a deal with Twitter which gets all its high-level employees a verification mark automatically.

Not the shortest path, this one, but it will get you there!


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Option 4:-

Get noticed by Twitter’s @verified account.

To verify your account, @verified sends you a DM (direct message) with certain verification instructions and steps. If you don’t get a message from them, you can attract their attention.

Begging @verified to give you your verification mark by tweeting to them regularly will not be very helpful, but if you are popular, you can get your fans to do the bidding for you! This may not always work, but you can ask your followers to tweet to @verified to give you the blue mark, and if enough of them do so, you might just get it.

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Getting verified helps increasing your follower count too. However, it is certainly not easy to get it if you are not Emma Watson or some other high-profile celebrity. But in the end it is certainly worth it.

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