How to increase your Facebook Page likes?

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Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media website, with the maximum number of active users. Marketing through Facebook is as important to businesses and companies as any other (traditional) marketing technique. Perhaps more now since it is easier to reach out to people online than offline. Having more Likes on your Facebook Page is also beneficial to your brand or organization since it instils trust in your followers.

So whether you’re starting out with zero likes, or if you already have an audience and want to increase it, here are some tips to get more people to like and engage with your page:-

How to increase your Facebook Page likes from count zero.

1. Invite friends

The first and foremost way to start building an audience is through your friends. Facebook gives you the option to invite friends to like your page. Use this to get the first Likes on your page. You can go out of the way and drop a personal message to some of your friends, requesting them (with a personal message) to Like your page. That is how Humans of New York, now one of the most followed pages on Facebook, started out.

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2. Ask friends to invite friends

You can take help of your known ones by asking them to recommend your page to their friends. Asking your friends and family for help is a good way to go.

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3. Tag people in posts

A quick and easy way to get your target audience to notice your posts is to tag them in your posts. Once you tag people in what you’re sharing with them, they will be notified and thus, the chances of them seeing your post increase.

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4. Post engaging content

One important point which you must always keep in mind is that quality matters more than quantity. If you think posting a larger number of posts per day will increase your reach, then you may be mistaken. Studies have shown that pages that post once to thrice in a day have larger audiences than pages with 3+ daily posts, unless you’re a memes page or a celebrity gossip page.

Post content which your audience will want to respond to. If you get more likes and comments on your posts, Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm will reward you by showing that post to more of your page followers. This will enable it to get more likes.

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5. Add Facebook Like button on your website

Another simple and easy way to increase your Facebook Likes is by adding a Facebook button on your website. You can urge the readers of your website by reminding them to Like your Facebook Page.

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If you have already gathered a small audience for your page by now and are looking for ways to expand it, read on. Also, remember that here too quality matters more than quantity. You don’t just want a big number, you want the people liking your page to be interested in what you have to offer so these people engage with your content as well. Otherwise the lack of engagements with your posts will make it harder for you to sustain audience after a while.

6. Post when your audience is online

Apart from what you post, you also need to consider when you post. To ensure that your post reaches the most people, you can check your Facebook Page Insights to see when a majority of your audience is online. You can schedule your posts around that time to ensure maximum people see it.

Click on Insights->Posts->When your fans are online to get this data.

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Scroll down the page to see graphs of count of online users

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7. Use Share for Share techniques (S4S) or Shout-outs

Another way to reach out to new audiences is to interact with other popular Facebook pages. There is a huge chance that there are pages which post similar content as you. You can ask these pages to promote your page in return for you promoting them.


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8. Organize contests and giveaways

A very efficient way to increase Likes is by organizing giveaways and contests. Often, such online contests ask the participants to get Likes on their posts as well as the page. Such contests and giveaways lead to a lot of page promotion.

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9. Use images and memes in your post

Using images in your post can get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 83% more click-through’s. Memes and other funny images like comic strips will attract people to your page.

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10. Use Facebook Ads

If nothing else, you can always ask Facebook to promote your posts and your page. Facebook ads are a cheap way to get new audiences. While using Facebook ads, you have to be careful about the audience you want to target while setting up your ad. You will need to do some research about the kind of people who will be most interested in your product/service. You can find out more on how to set up Facebook ads here and to calculate your advertising budget you can read CPM formula to calculate your advertisement budget.

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Hopefully, this article would prove helpful to you in increasing your Facebook Page Likes. Let us know if you have found any other strategies and tactics that have been useful for you!