Make money online from blogging from Day 1

Sell while blogging from Day 1

We all have read numerous advices from professional bloggers out there. These advices range from how to set up a blog to writing engaging articles to generating traffic for your blog. All these advices funnel to the same ultimate goal – to sell. If you want to make money online from blogging then why not get on it as soon as you have the blog set up.

Although for new bloggers it might be overwhelming to face a situation where there are no visitors let alone buyers of your products. But the fact is, revenue is tangible and drives us while traffic numbers boosts just egos. Plus there are many online selling strategies that do not require you to invest anything in setting up your shop through blog.

Some critics would say, what is the point in selling something on a a blog that has a single article? I would like to present 2 arguments against that.

Low quantity does not mean low on quality

People would land on your blog to read quality writing, or receive quality advice, or discover quality information. They would not be looking for or appreciating faff. There is no harm is pitching something to someone who finds value in your writing. And what sounds better – 0 sale with 100 blog posts or 1 sale with 1 blog post?

A shop is to sell, not spiritual discourse

Any product company starts with one product and once their initial product gains popularity do they think of offering alternate products. One product or one store front does not mean that there is an issue with the product. Although there may be merit in considering what are you trying to sell. You won’t definitely want to set up a e-commerce site hoping to market it on the basis of your blogging skills.

It is as important to learn the art of blogging and hone your blogging skills as it is to start learning how to making money online from blogging and selling on your blog. And there is no better way to learn than being hands on.

If the arguments make sense to you and you realize that the majority of books are written for paid market, then you may want to know how to actually make money blogging from day 1.

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