Simple tips to create good content for social media

How to create good content

In today’s world when there are a seemingly infinite number of blogs with good content competing in the same space, it becomes an uphill task to think of new topics – let alone creating unique content. The human mind has better potential nonetheless. It is just about a little perseverance and thinking a little differently.

Creating good content would not then be such a big deal after a little practice

Below are a few tips that would make it easier for you to get into the practice mode and would help you overcome initial mental obstacles.

  1. Read related blogs

    Reading is the primary step for any content creation. Transforming ideas into topics would be easy if you get into the habit of reading varied blogs. Reading multiple blogs will definitely help you in finding out what trending and get some ideas to develop content for your own page.

  2. Ask Questions

    People love those post that provides them an opportunity to get involved and write their own mind regarding the post. Consider keeping your questions short and straightforward. People generally would be interested if the answer to be provided is short and would most likely provide their feedback as well.

  3. Writing short and precise pieces

    Your content should not only be smaller but also be rich. There is nothing better than the brief. It is generally true that making your content short is hard but if you can it will be easy for your readers to read. But remember that lengthy pieces are highly rated when they provide researched insights and are authoritative.

  4. Make your content actionable

    The best content gives their readers a sense of how to apply the information. When you write a blog post, give users a sense of applying what you are offering them. If it is a how to post – all the most better.

  5. Be able to provide answers

    Content comprises of not just what you wrote. The interaction that that content generated is as much the part of the original (static) content. An important approach to creating holistically good content is to answer the queries. Relevant information should be provided as and when people are reading any piece and looking for extra answers. Their quest to gain knowledge in the form of replies to their queries would make or break their engagement with the overall website.

  6. Communicate better by adding images and videos

    Images and videos have the ability to explain things better than any other medium. Those people who are vary of longer text tend to stick when met with images that correctly go with your text. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the readers and it maintains the much valuable interest of readers.

  7. Create a list post

    People love to read that post or article that involves lists. Lists are like multiple posts within a post. They provide a lot of information and do not take a toll on readers’ interest.

  8. Say thank you

    Sometimes saying thank you to your readers for reading your post will be content enough. It will give pleasure to your readers and they will show their love by liking or commenting on your post or even sharing it.

No matter what, always remember that your posts have to have that personal touch and should target to care for the reader and their time. Creating good content would be even easier if you are able to connect with your readers and make them ask for specific content.


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