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Twitter is one of the most used social networking website. No wonder who’s who are also present there. The best part of Twitter is that it is lightweight both in terms of content consumption and generation. Just a few words and you are done. Twitter has a long list of users who are celebrities and have millions of followers.

Here in this article we will list 5 top Twitter accounts based on the number of followers.

You can simply follow them if you are new to Twitter and want to get a hang of it. I would list them along with the number of people following them.

#5: YouTube – 51.9 million

YouTube is an excessively used video viewing and sharing website started in 2005 . It was later bought by Google in 2006. Nearly 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and it has over a billion users out of which millions of users login everyday and create billions of views.



twitter account : @YouTube


#4: Taylor Swift – 59 million

The Grammy award winner, Taylor swift is an American singer, song writer and actress. Famous for her singles “Love story” , “Invisible” and many more.



Twitter account : @taylorswift13


#3: Barack Obama – 60.6 million

44th and the current President of the United States, Barack Obama needs no introduction. He is one of the most powerful people in the world.




Twitter account : @BarackObama


#2: Justin Bieber – 64.8 million

Justin Bieber, famous because of his debut album “My world’, is a Canadian singer, song writer and actor. “As long as you love me“, “Baby“, “Never say never“, “Boyfriend“, “All that matters” are few of his most popular songs.




Twitter account : @justinbieber


#1: Katy Perry – 71.2 million

Katy Perry is an American singer, song writer and actor. She is  well known for her super hit albums which include “California gurls” , “Teenage Dream” etc. She is the most loved celebrity, leaving all of them behind. Enough said.




Twitter account : @katyperry

While you follow these Twitter accounts, you will have some really good tweets in your news feed, which you can retweet, mark as favorites and enjoy your online time.

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