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None of us like monotony in our lives. To access Twitter on our mobile devices, Twitter has made available its official mobile app for the most owned mobile operating platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows. In addition to these official ones, there are several alternatives which can be used to access Twitter with a lot more features than the official Twitter app.

We reviewed a lot of them and present to you the best 3 to make use of, based on our experience for each of the above mentioned mobile operating platforms.

First on, Top Twitter apps for Android:-

1. Tweet Lanes

Tweet lanes icon

The app with over 100,000 downloads on Google Playstore and an average rating of 4.2/5.0 at the time of writing, was best in terms of organization. It manages your tweets, retweets, mentions, timeline, people you follow, people who follow you and favorites very efficiently in separate tabs.

There are a number of settings that you can customize as per your wish like the above mentioned tabs, theme, font size, refresh interval for your notifications, ringtone etc.

As far as its graphical user interface is concerned it gives you a feel of old Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich.

It VolScrollTM feature needs a special mention. If you enable this feature you can scroll your news feed using your hardware volume buttons. (this feature is not supported on all android versions)

The best thing is that it is open source and free to use.

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Download Tweet Lanes! from here

2. Twidere

Twidre Icon

We just loved Twidere’s user interface. Simple yet elegant. This app has got a long list of customizable options including management of tweets, messages, followers, trends (#tags) and mentions. There are options for customizing design and the notification settings. This app too has an average rating of 4.2/5.0 on Playstore and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

It is free to use too.

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Download Twidere from here

3. Plume

Plume icon

Plume is another good looking app that we discovered. In addition to the customization options that those listed above have, this one have a few very innovative ones such media streaming. It has got an internal browser to view external links. As we know, Twitter does not allow tweets that exceed 140 characters, this app helps us pick shorter words.

This app has a feature to auto complete hashtags and usernames and interestingly has a lot of finger gesture features. This app lags behind with an average rating of 4.0/5.0 but more than 42,000 reviewers have rated it 5.0/5.0.

This one is free as well.

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Download Plume from here

Next, top Twitter apps for iOS:-

1. Twitterrific 5

Twitterrific 5 icon

This is one of the oldest alternative Twitter app for iOS platform. Looks wise this one is very elegant. The user interface is interactive which supports all the Twitter features. You can mute hashtags and users who you don’t want should disturb you. A notable feature is that it switches automatically to dark theme during night. It has voice support and it also supports the Apple watch. Although this is a free app but you can remove ads., tweet translations etc. in the paid version.


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Download Twitterrific from here

2. Echofon

echofon icon

The app developers claim it to be the fastest and we agree with them. This app has got a simple yet beautiful user interface. Apart from all the Twitter features, this app can tweet over 140 characters. Please don’t raise your eyebrows while you read this. If you tweet over 140 characters this app takes few initial characters and add the rest to a short link. To read the full tweet your followers will have to click on that link and obviously that link is external. You can also search for people who are nearby.


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Download Echofon from here

3. Hootsuite

hootsuite icon

Nice design, great features management and speed are the features that makes this app stand apart. You can also add other accounts apart from Twitter such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. It is free for up to 3 accounts. Schedule your posts is the stellar feature that helped this app make it to our list.


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Download Hootsuite from here

Last but not the least, for Windows:-

1. Peregrine

Peregrine icon

This app’s interface resembles Windows Phone interface. The app is very fast and responsive. It has voice control to read and dictate your tweets, automatically completes hashtags and mentions and displays count of unread tweets, mentions and messages at the top. The most notable feature is that it has a live tile and lock screen support that shows the entire summary of your profile.


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Download Peregrine from here


2. MeTweets

metweets icon

This app is simple to use. Everything is clearly mentioned which enables a beginner to understand Twitter easily. It has got a built-in photo viewer and a YouTube video player. You can schedule your Tweets as well. It has support for viewing images from external sources such as Instagram, Twitpic etc. A tweet of more than 140 characters can be tweeted.


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Download MeTweets from here


3. Tweet it! (Paid)

tweet it icon

The app has a very clean user interface. No complexities. It has a lot customization options including font size, font color and has all the basic Twitter tabs. It has been designed to be compatible with the latest running Windows OS, Windows phone 8.1. Interesting thing we found was that you can refresh your news feed by shaking your device. You can pin your favorite posts. It is available for USD 2.99 and sometimes USD 0.99 during sale and can be tried for free.

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Download Tweet It! from here

Let us know if you believe you have a better Twitter app or you want to know anything about using any of those listed by us.


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