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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and widely used for sending text messages, images or videos. A complete record of the conversation might be required by anyone for any reason. There is no direct method provided by WhatsApp to get a complete record but we have discovered a method which is not much known or talked about.

Read along to get a complete WhatsApp Chat History on Android mobile phone.

Step 1:-

Open the Whatsapp application on your Android device and open the chat, of which you want a complete transcript.

Step 2:-

Tap on the “menu” button represented by three vertical dots.

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Step 3:-

From the drop down options, tap on ‘More’.

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Step 4:-

From the other drop down list, tap on ‘Email chat’. If there are any media files in the chat it would prompt you to send ‘WITHOUT MEDIA’ or ‘ATTACH MEDIA’. Choose without media option. We will explain the reason behind choosing this option later in this article.


WhatsApp chat history- 3 WhatsApp chat history- 4

Step 5:- 

Choose your favorite email app on the mobile. You will be redirected to the compose new email section of your app with a .TXT file already attached. This .TXT file contains the entire record of your chat with a person or with a group.

WhatsApp chat history- 6


Step 6:-

Now all you have to do is fetch this file on your phone. You can browse for the file in the file manager by searching the name of the file shown in the email or you can save that email in your drafts and download from there or you can move it to Google Drive or Dropbox or if you find the steps too complex, simply mail it to your own email address and download the attachment as you would normally do.

WhatsApp chat history- 7

You can open this file and see a properly arranged thread of messages also containing details of sent and received time for each message

WhatsApp chat history- 8

Alternatively, you can click on Options > Settings > Chat settings > Email chats and choose a person or group whose chat record you want and follow above steps #4 to #6.

This method has only one limitation – it generates a .TXT file which is restricted to just text. Images or other multimedia items are not supported. This is the reason we suggested you to choose “Without Media” above. However if you choose the other option all your multimedia files will get attached to the email and ultimately would not be helpful if you intend to keep the chat record for yourself.

Please note that this .TXT file cannot be used to restore the lost chats. To keep your chats safe, you need to take regular backups of your WhatsApp data.

If you face any issues while following the steps, please feel free to comment and we will help you as much as we can.

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