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There are over 5000 languages in this world. In a world where there is such a diversity of languages, it is next to impossible for one to learn all of them and there is definitely need for a translator. And for our help, we have a lot of them. Google Translate is undoubtedly a very good translator but we are going to list some other translators and their features that you may want to consider.

Web based translators that are fine alternatives to Google Translate

1. Bing Translator 

This translator is very easy and convenient to use. You just have to type or paste the phrase you wish to translate in the left box and you can get its translation in the right box in your desired language. You can choose your desired language from the drop down menu and click translate. It can detect the input language automatically. In case you didn’t know, it has a feature that lets you listen to the pronunciation of the translation.

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An English to Hindi translation in action

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WordPress also supports Bing Translator plugin. If you have built your website using WordPress then you can add this plugin and let your visitors translate your content in their desired language.

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Obtain the WordPress plugin from here.

2. India Typing

It is an online tool to translate from English to Hindi and vice versa. It is a very easy to use tool. No complications. Very accurate. Just type the text you want to translate, chose your translation direction and click “Translate English to Hindi” or “Translate Hindi to English” accordingly.

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Reverse action

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Android based translators

1. Translator 

translator icon

This android app contains all the basic translation features. You can type, paste or dictate your sentences which you wish to translate. You can read, copy, share and listen to the translated sentences. You can also change translation direction and translation language with just one tap. The app is simple to use. The only drawback is that you will see a lot of advertisements while using this app.

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2. iTranslate

iTranslate icon

iTranslate contains all the features which you might need for the translation of languages. It has features mentioned in the above app and additionally you can view your translation history i.e. your recent translations and listen to the input language as well.

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Isn’t it cool that we have a lot of free online translators and mobile apps that save us from the hassle of using dictionaries and translating the sentence word by word ?

Do comment with your opinions. You can also comment if you find any difficulty in using these tools.

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