How to backup WhatsApp data?

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Backup, in the language of computer, means a copy of any information, photos or any other files. Backup is made as a safeguard in case the original gets lost or damaged. WhatsApp chats are something which are very likely to get lost in case you lose your phone or uninstall WhatsApp application from your phone. WhatsApp chats might be very precious and important for some people. WhatsApp has developed the application in such a manner that it takes the backup of your chats automatically everyday at 4.00 AM. So you see, the chats that happen after the backup and before the next backup are not saved in any external file. So any important conversation between this time, needs to be saved because if you accidentally uninstall the app you will simply lose that chat.

In this article we are going to tell you how to manually backup WhatsApp data.

Step 1:-

Open your WhatsApp application on your Android phone and tap on the menu button. Represented by three vertical dots.

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Step 2:-

From the drop down menu, tap on “Settings”.


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Step 3:-

From the Settings menu, locate and tap on “Chat settings”.

How to backup Whatsapp data-3Step 4:-

In Chat settings menu, tap on “Back up chats”.


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We are done!!!

You will see a pop up window titled, “Backing up messages”.

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You can locate these backup files through your file manager.

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We recommend you to manually take the backup after every important conversation you have on WhatsApp. In case you uninstall and re-install WhatsApp, your chats are restored using these backup files only. These files are secure and contain information about the account to which these chats belong in an encrypted format and can be restored to that account only.

If you like these instructions and want to know anything more about how to WhatsApp, please ask via comments. We had earlier done a post on how WhatsApp could be a very profitable venture for you which you might find interesting and profitable.

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