How to backup Facebook data?

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Backing up your data is always a good option. In case you lose your data you would still have a copy. Facebook also provides its users an option to back up all the information they have shared on their page if the user needs to take a break from it or wishes to delete or deactivate the account.

Simple steps that tell you how to backup Facebook data

Step 1:-

Login to your Facebook account.

Click on the drop down button on top right corner and click “Settings”.

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Step 2:-

On “General Account Settings” page find “Download a copy” link and click on it.

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Step 3:-

Click on the button “Start My Archive”.

Note that you can back up your posts, photos, videos, messages, info etc. For the detailed list of things which are stored in your backup file see this.

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Step 4:-

A warning telling you that it may take some time to prepare your backup will show up. Click on “Start My Archive” to agree. You will receive an e-mail telling you that you have requested a backup and when your backup is ready, you would receive another e-mail telling you that your backup is ready. The time required to create a backup might be proportional to the amount of information you have shared on Facebook. In our case it was less than 3 minutes.

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Step 5:-

After you receive the second e-mail, follow the link included in it. The link will redirect you the same page where you clicked on “Start My Archive” button. You will now find “Download Archive” button instead. Click it.

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Step 6:-

Facebook will ask you to enter your account password. Enter the password and click on “Submit”.

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Your backup would start getting downloaded in a compressed file format (.ZIP). Once it completes downloading, you can access your files.

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Remember that your backup would contain sensitive and personal information. We recommend you to keep it safe.

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