How to increase your Twitter followers

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Social media marketing is essential to businesses these days, and Twitter being one social media giant attracts zillions of users. It is thus a no-brainier that people would like to buy services/products from organizations which they follow on Twitter and would follow those whose products they like. Hence, if you have a new business, or even an old one, gaining followers on Twitter will definitely be on your marketing list.  Even if you don’t own a business at all and just use Twitter for fun, you would still want to increase your follower count to discover some great personalities out there. As Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki said, “Truth be told, there are only two kinds of Twitter users: those that want more followers and those that lie.”

Below are a few steps that will help you increase your Twitter followers

1. Create a well-defined profile

When people click on your profile, they will first read through your basic profile details to determine if you are follow-worthy. So it is essential that you have your name, your bio and a simple profile picture online. You have to ensure that your details and your bio are crystal clear so that your visitors know what you’re interested in and they can thus decide if or not to follow you.


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2. Leverage your connections on other networks

To build your initial band of followers, you can utilize your already existing email and/or other social media connections, such as LinkedIn. You can add your email contacts to Twitter and follow those contacts. They are more likely to follow you as compared to complete strangers. Once you have a decent number of followers, getting new people to follow you becomes easier.


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3. Compose interesting tweets

Visitors to your profile will form an opinion of you from your latest few tweets. Make sure you post meaningful tweets. Adding a bit of humor will help though. Posting quality tweets is also important to retain your followers. Here are some tips you can follow while composing your tweets:

– Use hashtags

Twitter users often explore through hashtags. Using 1-3 popular hashtags in your tweets might get you noticed by new people more often, and also increase your followers.

– Post on trending topics

Current events often trend on Twitter and a lot of users participate in discussions on them using hashtags. Post on these topics to get eyeballs.

– Post regularly

Keep posting regularly, no one wants to follow an account which does not tweet. At the same time, ensure that you don’t post too much and come across as a spammer.


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4. Direct people to your Twitter account

Direct people to your Twitter through other places such as your website, business card, Facebook page etc. Put a follow button on your website/blog and put the name of your Twitter handle at as many places as possible.


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5. Tweet to celebrities and other famous people and try to get them to follow you

Keep (meaningful) tweeting to accounts that have a lot of followers. There is a chance that one of them will respond to you sooner or later, and that will get you noticed by all their followers. You can also occasionally ask celebrities and accounts to follow you. Your follower count will increase dramatically if you are successful in doing so.

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6. Follow people with similar interests, follow their followers as well

Keep exploring Twitter to follow accounts which are similar to yours. There is a good chance they will follow you back. While at it, you can also follow the followers of similar accounts. Since most of these followers will be interested in your content as well, there is a reasonable chance they will follow you back.

 7. Ask people to re-tweet you

Don’t beg and don’t do this too often, but you can put in subtle requests to your followers to retweet you sometimes. Retweets of your tweets are a very efficient way to increase your follower base.

8. Have Twitter exclusive content and contests

Reward your followers at times by having exclusive Twitter contests and content. This will encourage your followers to talk more about your account to other Twitter users, retweet you and incentivize new people to follow you.

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We hope these tips come in handy while you are trying to understand how to increase your Twitter followers! Let us know if you have any more suggestions or if you need help with any of the above points.


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