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There are times when we wish to send a message to many people at once and forwarding them individually is an exhausting task specially when the list is huge. WhatsApp has provided a broadcast feature to enable the users to send a message to multiple people (who are not part of any one group) in a single shot.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to use WhatsApp broadcast feature

Step 1:-

Open WhatsApp and tap on menu, represented by 3 vertical dots.

WhatsApp broadcast feature-01

Step 2:-

Tap on ‘New broadcast’.

WhatsApp broadcast feature-02

Step 3:-

Now you have to select the recipients. You can either type their name or select from your contact list by taping ‘+’ sign. Once you are done adding recipients to your broadcast list, tap ‘DONE’.

creating your broadcast list

Step 4:-

Tap on ‘CREATE’ once you have finalized your list.

WhatsApp broadcast feature-06

Step 5:-

Type your message or attach files as you do and tap on Send button. The message will be broadcasted to the entire list.

WhatsApp broadcast feature-07

Currently WhatsApp support 256 members per list. To send a message to more than 256 people you need to create another list.

To prevent spammers and advertisers to spam your inbox, WhatsApp has made a rule that only those recipients will receive your message who have saved your phone number in their phone’s address book.

We hope you have fun spreading your messages to a larger audience and save your time simultaneously while you avoid forwarding your texts individually.

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